kidding… sorta. i take my clients seriously in the simple fact that if we vibe, i’m in it with you for the long haul. i’m here to capture your memories and become your third wheel paparazzi for the rest of your life. 

i’m alexis waxon! i am a natural light photographer & mama of three littles livin’ in colorful colorado; i’m pretty dang lucky i get to do what i’m most passionate about everyday! 

that said, you can usually find me wrangling my three beautiful children with some coffee in hand. when the kids are in bed you can find me editing or working on my business somehow laughing my butt off at the office or schitt’s creek on in the background no matter how many times i’ve seen ‘em. i’m obviously a professional when i need to be but i will warn you — i am a total goofball & even though i’m honestly an introvert, during your session i will be frolicking around, asking you all about your life ‘cause i’ll be in my comfort zone just trying to help you feel as comfortable as possible! 

since i started photographing my kids living their everyday life, i typically use this approach with anyone i photograph. i personally feel like it helps bring out true emotion and connection in your photos. i love those real and raw, in-between moments — creating and capturing the memories you’re making (don't worry, i capture those posed everyone's looking at the camera and smiling moments too) but i truly want you to feel all the warm fuzzies when you look back through your galleries because it’ll bring back good memories.

My main gig is weddings & families, however I'm always down to make your visions come to life!

i love getting to know my clients since they entrust me with their memories, milestones & everything in-between. that’s where my earlier comment about growing old with you comes in — i love watching my client’s & their kids grow through the years & being able to have a true connection with them, growing real relationships while i capture them.

creep around my website and feel free to hit the inquire button at any time if we sound like we’d be a good fit! 

let me grow old with you

hello friend!

xo, alexis